Details for Record 544618

Species: No Common Name (Bipalium adventitium) (Species ID: 19184) - View Species | Quad Details   

Date: 9/25/2009

Quad: Not available

County: Not Maryland

Records: 17 total records

Observer: Aydin Orstan

Specimen: No

Publication: No

Processed by: Bill Hubick

A Bipalium adventitium feeding on earthworm. Collected in Georgetown, Washington, D.C. (9/25/2009). Notes: "This terrestrial planarian is a predator of earthworms. In the photo the light colored tissue covering a portion of the earthworm's body is the planarian's everted pharynx (arrow). The pharynx is located not at or near the head of the planarian, but at about the middle of its body. This photo is from our short paper on the feeding of these planarians." Photo by Aydin Orstan.