Vibrio vulnificus (Reichelt et al., 1979) Farmer, 1980    
Kingdom Bacteria   >   Phylum Proteobacteria   >   Class Gammaproteobacteria   >   Order Vibrionales   >   Family Vibrionaceae   >   Genus Vibrio   


"The organism is a natural inhabitant of warm coastal waters. Infection can occur after a wound is exposed to warm coastal waters where the V. vulnificus organism is growing. Infection may also be acquired by eating raw or undercooked seafood from those waters. ... V. vulnificus infections do not spread directly from one person to another and are a serious health threat predominantly to persons with underlying illness, such as liver disease, or a compromised immune system" (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

Rising ocean temperatures related to global warming are "strongly associated with spread of vibrios, an important group of marine prokaryotes, and emergence of human diseases caused by these pathogens"(Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences via The Washington Post).

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