Maryland Biodiversity Project (MBP) is cataloging all the living things of Maryland. Our goal is to promote education and conservation by helping to build a vibrant general nature study community. The project was started in June 2012 by Bill Hubick and Jim Brighton. We have already cataloged over 14,000 species, including over 5,000 species with photographs, and feature the work of more than 300 naturalists and photographers. Check out the recent Baltimore Sun article and CNS interview on MBP! (Read about how to help)

- New class of fungi for MBP - Neolectomycetes (L. Biechele).   (12/13/2014)

- New family of springtails for MBP - Onychiuridae (L. Biechele).   (12/13/2014)

- New family of pseudoscorpions for MBP - Neobisiidae (L. Biechele).   (12/13/2014)

- New family of amphipods for MBP - Aoridae (R. Aguilar/SERC).   (12/13/2014)

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Species in checklists - 14,562

Species with photographs - 5,865

Total photos - 19,094

Total records - 200,395

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