Trentepohlia sp. Trentepohlia sp. C. P. F. Martius, 1817  


This species is filamentous green algae with carotenoid pigments that mask the chlorophyll with an orange color (L. Biechele, pers. comm.).


Forms mats on live trees such as Red Maple (Acer rubrum) and is sometimes quite conspicuous after summer rains. In the southern U.S., Trentepohlia is an important phycobiont of the Christmas Lichen, Cryptothecia rubrocincta. In our area, however, it is associated with the script lichens (Graphis spp.) (L. Biechele, pers. comm.).

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A Trentepohlia species in Somerset Co., Maryland (3/1/2011). Photographed at 400x magnification. Photo by Lance Biechele. (MBP list)

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