Greater Hyacinth Glider Miathyria marcella (Selys in Sagra, 1856)  Synonyms: Hyacinth Glider.


Greater Hyacinth Glider (Miathyria marcella) is a primarily tropical species found in the deep south where introduced water hyacinth occurs (Paulson, 2011). It is considered a vagrant in Maryland, with just a single specimen record from Howard Co. in 1999.

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A Greater Hyacinth Glider in Howard Co., Maryland (7/9/1999). Photo by Robert Solem. (MBP list)

A Greater Hyacinth Glider in Aransas Co., Texas (10/18/2011). Photo by Terry Hibbitts. (MBP list)

A Greater Hyacinth Glider near Sarasota, Florida (10/20/2010). Photo by Dan Irizarry. (MBP list)

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