American Emerald Cordulia shurtleffii Scudder, 1866S3 (Watch list)  
Kingdom Animalia   >   Phylum Arthropoda   >   Class Insecta   >   Order Odonata   >   Family Corduliidae   >   Genus Cordulia   


American Emerald (Cordulia shurtleffii) is a common northern species of emerald, breeding in various bodies of standing water, such as ponds or lakes (including tannic, boggy ones), or often in beaver ponds. The males often patrol the edges of these habitats, periodically stopping to hover, and rotating to scan their surroundings. Their brilliant green eyes are very conspicuous as they catch the light. This species is distributed primarily to the north, and to the northwest of Maryland, ranging through boreal forests to Alaska. In Maryland, it is restricted to higher elevations, in Garrett Co., Allegany Co., Washington Co., and Frederick Co. (Richard Orr's The Dragonflies and Damselflies of Maryland and the District of Columbia). This dragonfly is ranked as S3 (watch list) in Maryland.

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An American Emerald in Frederick Co., Maryland (6/9/2013). Photo by Richard Orr. (MBP list)

An American Emerald in Garrett Co., Maryland (7/8/2012). Photo by Bill Hubick. (MBP list)

An American Emerald in Garrett Co., Maryland (6/23/2014). Photo by Richard Orr. (MBP list)

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