Swordfish Xiphias gladius Linnaeus, 1758In need of conservation    
Kingdom Animalia   >   Phylum Chordata   >   Class Actinopterygii   >   Order Perciformes   >   Family Xiphiidae   >   Genus Xiphias   

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A Swordfish (and an Opah) caught offshore in Worcester Co., Maryland (11/12/2017). Photo by Scott Lenox. (MBP list)

A beached Swordfish in Worcester Co., Maryland (4/28/2017). Courtesy of Fish in OC. Scott Lenox reports: Steven D Cooper, his brother Brian Cooper and his dad Woody Cooper are regular surf fishermen on Assateague, but they've never seen anything like this before...and neither have a lot of us. As the men were fishing at the 'Bull Pen' down the Assateague beach Steven says "we watched him beach, put him back and he was gone...poof!" Photo by Steven Cooper. (MBP list)

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