Frosted Elfin Callophrys irus (Godart, [1824])G3 (Globally rare/local)  -  Endangered (MD)  -  S1 (Highly state rare)  -  Vulnerable  Synonyms: Incisalia irus.


The beautiful and elusive Frosted Elfin (Callophrys irus) is another small, early-flying butterfly. Like several of its relatives, this species flies early in spring, and is often rather localized and rare. This butterfly is considered endangered/vulnerable in Maryland, with a state rank of S1 (highly-state-rare), and the species is also globally ranked as G3 (globally rare/local). In our area, Frosted Elfin is on the wing from late April to late May (Butterflies of Maryland: A Biological Summary and Checklist by Lynn Davidson & Richard Smith; Brock & Kaufman 2003).


The larval host plant is Sundial Lupine (Lupinus perennis). In some portions of its range, Frosted Elfin uses Wild Indigo (Baptisia tinctoria) as an alternative host.

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A Frosted Elfin in Worcester Co., Maryland (5/10/2013). Photo by Annette Allor. (MBP list)

A Frosted Elfin in Worcester Co., Maryland (4/25/2009). Its host plant is Sundial Lupine. Photo by Steve Collins. (MBP list)

A Frosted Elfin in Worcester Co., Maryland (5/17/2017). Photo by Jared Satchell. (MBP list)

Frosted Elfin on host plant, Sundial Lupine, at Kitty Todd Preserve, Ohio (5/11/2011). Photo by Angie Cole. (MBP list)

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