Lined Seahorse Hippocampus erectus Perry, 1810  Synonyms: Northern Seahorse, Spotted Seahorse.


The Lined Seahorse is found in the Atlantic Ocean from Nova Scotia to the Caribbean and northernmost South America. Apparently declining throughout its range due to coastal development, pollution, the aquarium trade, and use in Chinese medicine.


Feeds on a variety of tiny organisms, including crustaceans, mollusks, and zooplankton. Predators include larger fish, seabirds, and sea turtles.

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A Lined Seahorse caught in Somerset Co., Maryland (8/28/12). Photo by Robert Aguilar, SERC. (MBP list)

Lined Seahorse in Worcester Co., Maryland (5/29/2019). (c) mcbpliz, some rights reserved (CC BY-NC). Photo by mcbpliz via iNaturalist. (MBP list)

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