Pear-shaped Puffball Lycoperdon pyriforme Schaeffer  Synonyms: Perlatum pyriforme.


Fruiting body: White w/small spines when young, smooth and shades of brown in age; pear-shaped to spherical w/irregular pore at top. Interior initially white and solid, becoming greenish-yellow, finally dark brown and powdery spores (J. Solem, pers. comm.).

Where to find:

Habitat: Scattered or sheet-like groups, usually on decaying hardwood.

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Pear-shaped Puffball in Charles Co., Maryland (10/17/2016). Photo by Jim Stasz. (MBP list)

A Pear-shaped Puffball in Worcester Co., Maryland (12/2/2013). Photo by Lance Biechele. (MBP list)

Pear-shaped Puffballs growing on a rotting log in Washington Co., Maryland (3/11/2013). Photo by Jim Brighton. (MBP list)

Pear-shaped Puffballs in Washington Co., Maryland (3/11/2013). Pear-shaped Puffballs are one of the few puffballs that grow on rotting wood. Photo by Jim Brighton. (MBP list)

A Pear-shaped Puffball releasing spores in Howard Co., Maryland (11/16/2012). Photo by Richard Orr. (MBP list)

Pear-shaped Puffballs in Calvert Co., Maryland (10/20/2016). Photo by Jim Stasz. (MBP list)

Pear-shaped Puffball in Howard Co., Maryland (10/20/2018). Determined by Bob and Jo Solem. Photo by Sue Muller. (MBP list)

Pear-shaped Puffballs emerging in Howard Co., Maryland (9/28/2014). Photo by Richard Orr. (MBP list)

Pear-shaped Puffball in Montgomery Co., Maryland (10/19/2017). Determined by Jo Solem. Photo by Anne Looker. (MBP list)

Spores collected from a Pear-shaped Puffball specimen in Howard Co., Maryland (9/28/2014). Round, smooth, light brown; measured 3.4-3.8 microns. Photo by Robert Solem. (MBP list)

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