Wing-leaved Primrose-willow Ludwigia decurrens WalterS2S3 (State rare)  Synonyms: Jussiaea decurrens.


Host plant for various moth species including Banded Sphinx Moth (Database of the World's Lepidopteran Hostplants).

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Wing-leaved Primrose-willow blooming and fruiting in Montgomery Co., Maryland (9/20/2017). Photo by Elizabeth Miller. (MBP list)

Wing-leaved Primrose-willow in Charles Co., Maryland (8/25/2009). State rare. Per Kerry: "This differs from the other Ludwigias based on the number of stamens and decurrent stems." Photo by Kerry Wixted. (MBP list)

Close up of Wing-leaved Primrose-willow in Montgomery Co., Maryland, showing stem, leaf, and capsule (9/20/2017). Photo by Elizabeth Miller. (MBP list)

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