Eastern Elliptio Elliptio complanata  
Kingdom Animalia   >   Phylum Mollusca   >   Class Bivalvia   >   Order Unionoida   >   Family Unionidae   >   Genus Elliptio   


Compare Eastern Floater.


According to the DNR (July 2010), the Eastern Elliptio is dependent upon eels to carry its larvae and is not likely to be found in a stream that lacks American Eels (L. Biechele, pers. comm.).

There are 3 records in the project database.

An Eastern Elliptio in Charles Co., Maryland (5/5/2014). Photo by Robert Aguilar, SERC. (MBP list)

An Eastern Elliptio collected in Wicomico Co., Maryland (11/23/2012). Photographed on 2/28/2015. Photo by Lance Biechele. (MBP list)

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