Blunt-lobed Gerardia Agalinis obtusifolia RafinesqueExtirpated  Synonyms: Agalinis erecta, Blunt Leaf False Foxglove, Bluntlobe Gerardia, Ten-lobe False Foxglove, Ten-lobed False Foxglove, Tenlobe False Foxglove.


The species appears to have been frequently collected from about 1902-1937 within a 60 km radius of the District of Columbia. All of these collections were made from areas that are currently heavily urbanized and all are presumed extirpated. The decline in Maryland populations is mirrored by a widespread regional decline. The late F. W. Pennell, a noted Agalinis expert, made several collections of A. obtusifolia from the District of Columbia and from Prince George’s County in the early 1900s. Despite the taxonomic confusion, A. obtusifolia is firmly established as a historical component of the Maryland flora (MD DNR).

Where to find:

Sandy barrens and woodland glades (MD DNR).

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