Asian Longhorned Tick Haemaphysalis longicornis Neumann, 1901Non-native  -  Invasive  Synonyms: Asian Tick, Bush Tick, Longhorned Tick.


Unfortunately this invasive species has been detected on White-tailed Deer in Washington County, Maryland. It is currently known to occur in at least nine states (as of 8/2018) and is a known disease vector. (Maryland DNR, pers. comm.) Native to temperate areas of eastern and central Asia. Apparently only detected on mainland U.S. as recently as November 2017.


Parasite of birds and mammals, including cattle, dogs, cats, and humans. Human pathogens have not yet been detected in the U.S., but it is associated with a long list of diseases elsewhere in its known range.

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Ventral view of an adult female Asian Longhorned Tick. Photographed by James Gathany. Photo by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (MBP list)

Asian Longhorned Tick nymph (left) and adult female (right) on a dime. Photo by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (MBP list)

An Asian Longhorned Tick. Photo by Wikimedia Commons. (MBP list)

An Asian Longhorned Tick (ventral). Photo by Wikimedia Commons. (MBP list)

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