Rufous-tipped Swammerdamia Moth Swammerdamia pyrella Villers, 1789  Synonyms: Hodges #2414, Swammerdamia beirnei.


"Doganlar (1979) appears to have replaced this with Swammerdamia beirnei based on slight differences is wing pattern and genitalia. BOLD barcodes do not appear to distinguish between North American samples of beirnei and pyrella. It seems that either the species currently treated here as pyrella should include as a synonym beirnei or it should be changed to beirnei (BugGuide, 8/7/2017). BugGuide retains this species as Swammerdamia pyrella.

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A Rufous-tipped Swammerdamia Moth in Frederick Co., Maryland (8/4/2017). Determined by Hugh McGuinness. Photo by Mark Etheridge. (MBP list)

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