Norway Maple Seedminer Ectoedemia sericopeza (Zeller, 1839)Non-native  Synonyms: Etainia sericopeza, Hodges #0038, Lyonetia sericopeza, Nepticula acerella, Nepticula acerella, Oecophora sericopezella, Stigmella sericopeza.


This 4-mm micromoth is native to Europe, which is also the original home of its host plant, Norway Maple (Acer platanoides). As the tree became established in North America, so did E. sericopeza. The tiny larvae feed in the samara of the maple, eating a tunnel from the samara wing to the seed.


Host plant is Norway Maple (invasive).

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A Norway Maple Seedminer in Cecil Co., Maryland (9/7/2016). Verified by Roger Downer/BAMONA. Photo by Shannon Schade. (MBP list)

A Norway Maple Seedminer in Harford Co., Maryland (10/22/2015). Determined by Roger Downer/BAMONA. Photo by Dave Webb. (MBP list)

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