Paper Mulberry Broussonetia papyrifera (Linnaeus) L'Heritier ex VentenatNon-nativeSynonyms: Papyrius papyriferus.


"Introduced and naturalized from Asia; southern New England and Missouri, southward" (Reed, 1964).

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Paper Mulberry in Calvert Co., Maryland (10/25/2013). Photo by Jim Stasz. (MBP list)

Paper Mulberry in Caroline Co., Maryland (7/10/2017). Photo by Wayne Longbottom. (MBP list)

Paper Mulberry in Washington Co., Maryland (8/4/2014). Photo by Jim Stasz. (MBP list)

A Paper Mulberry tree growing in Howard Co., Maryland (8/24/2015). Photo by Jim Wilkinson. (MBP list)

The leaves of Paper Mulberry in Worcester Co., Maryland (7/5/2015). Photo by Jim Brighton. (MBP list)

Paper Mulberry in Baltimore City, Maryland (9/19/2016). Photo by Kirsten Johnson. (MBP list)

Paper Mulberry in Harford Co., Maryland (11/28/2015). Photo by Dan Wilson. (MBP list)

Paper Mulberry growing in Kent Co., Maryland (4/16/2016). Photo by Shannon Schade. (MBP list)

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