Least Brook Lamprey Lampetra aepyptera (C. C. Abbott, 1860)  


Least Brook Lampreys spawn in the spring. After hatching, the ammocetes spend about three years in the stream bottom eating organic matter and microscopic inverts. They will transform into non-feeding adults in the summer/fall, spawn in the spring, and then expire. (R. Aguilar, pers. comm.)


Unlike its more famous cousin the Sea Lamprey, this species is not parasitic on fish but feeds as a youngster by filtering out micro-organisms in the water. The adults do not feed. (R. Orr, pers. comm.)

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An adult Least Brook Lamprey found in Charles Co., Maryland (3/31/2009). Photo by Richard Orr. (MBP list)

Least Brook Lampreys in Anne Arundel Co., Maryland (4/10/2014). Photo by Frode Jacobsen. (MBP list)

A Least Brook Lamprey in Howard Co., Maryland (4/1/2017). Determined by Jay Kilian. Photo by Sue Muller. (MBP list)

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