Dwarf Chinkapin Oak Quercus prinoides Willdenow  


Dwarf Chinkapin Oak generally grows in dry soils. In Maryland, it occurs mainly on the Coastal Plain.


A shrub up to 3 m tall or arborescent, with dark bark. The leaves are commonly obovate or oblong, and are whitish beneath (Brown and Brown, 1972).

Where to find:

It can be found in semi-open glades in Pine-Oak woodlands of Pine Barrens of the Coastal Plain. In 2016, the National Champion Dwarf Chinkapin Oak was on the "East Farm" of the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center, in northern Prince George's County. (R. Simmons, presentation). As of 2020, Maryland's tree had lost champion status to a tree in New York.


Host plant for the Buck Moth (Database of the World's Lepidopteran Hostplants).

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Dwarf Chinkapin Oak in Prince George's Co., Maryland (9/18/2016). Photo by Bill Hill. (MBP list)

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