Dwarf Huckleberry Gaylussacia dumosa (Andrzejowski) Torrey & GrayS1 (Highly state rare)  Synonyms: Gaylussacia bigeloviana, Gaylussacia dumosa var. bigeloviana, Lasiococcus dumosus.


Dwarf Huckleberry is an endangered species in Maryland with very few populations located along the Fall Line and the coastal plain. According to the Maryland Heritage Program, "[Dwarf Huckleberry is] endangered by habitat loss. The majority of our populations occurred historically in Fall Line seeps and stream-head fens in areas that are now heavily urbanized. The Baltimore and Anne Arundel County populations are historic and considered no longer extant.


Just like Black Huckleberry the Dwarf Huckleberry has resinous dots on both sides of the leaves. The easiest way to separate the two species is by the mucronate leaf tips of Dwarf Huckleberry.

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Dwarf Huckleberry in Wicomico Co., Maryland (8/27/2015). Photo by Jim Brighton. (MBP list)

A leaf of Dwarf Huckleberry showing the mucronate leaf tip in Wicomico Co., Maryland (8/27/2015). Photo by Jim Brighton. (MBP list)

Dwarf Huckleberry in Wicomico Co., Maryland (9/2/2017). Photo by Bill Hubick. (MBP list)

Dwarf Huckleberry in Worcester Co., Maryland (8/5/2018). Determined by Jim Brighton. Note the mucronate tip which separates this species from others in its genus. Photo by Josh Emm. (MBP list)

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