Luminescent Panellus Panellus stipticus (Bulliard) P. A. Karsten  Synonyms: Astringent Panus,  Bitter Oyster,  Stiptic Fungus.


Widely distributed, found in Eurasia, Australia, and North America. Found in groups on dead hardwood logs (J. Solem, pers. comm.).


Cap: Pale brown; finely hairy; semicircular; thin tan flesh. Gills: Pale pinkish-brown; attached / decurrent / close. Stalk: Lateral, stubby, often light colored. Fruiting body normally has an odd, dry feel. (J. Solem, pers. comm.) This species is bioluminescent and emits a greenish glow in the dark (L. Biechele, pers. comm.).

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Luminescent Panellus in Worcester Co., Maryland (10/12/2014). Photo by Lance Biechele. (MBP list)

Luminescent Panellus in Howard Co., Maryland (10/4/2014). Determined by Joanne Solem. Photo by Nancy Magnusson. (MBP list)

Luminescent Panellus (fertile surface) in Howard Co., Maryland (11/23/2010). Photo by Joanne Solem. (MBP list)

Luminescent Panellus in Prince George's Co., Maryland (10/24/2017). Determined by Jo Solem. Photo by Anne Looker. (MBP list)

Luminescent Panellus in Somerset Co., Maryland (2/6/2014). Photo by Lance Biechele. (MBP list)

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