Yellow Patches Amanita flavoconia G.F. Atkinson  


Found scattered or in groups on ground in hardwood or mixed forests.


Cap: Yellow (with orange tints especially near center); numerous randomly arranged bright yellow or orange floccose warts; dry or sticky; smooth. Gills: White, moderately crowded, partial veil yellow or orangish-yellow. Stalk: White, coated with yellow flocculence, especially near base; bulb small, ovoid often with bright yellow warts at base; ring superior, pendant, white or yellow, membranous, thin (J. Solem, pers. comm.).

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Yellow Patches growing in Howard Co., Maryland (8/15/2013). According to Richard Orr, "This Yellow Patches (Amanita flavoconia) has lost its distinctive patches (probably washed off). Makes for a more difficult identification." Photo by Richard Orr. (MBP list)

Yellow Patches (fruiting body) in Howard Co., Maryland (8/17/2009). Note ring, yellow warts at stalk base, and small ovoid bulb. Photo by Robert Solem. (MBP list)

Yellow Patches in Anne Arundel Co., Maryland (8/9/2018). Determined by Jo Solem. Photo by Anne Looker. (MBP list)

Yellow Patches (cap with warts) in Howard Co., Maryland (8/17/2009). Photo by Robert Solem. (MBP list)

A Yellow Patches in Worcester Co., Maryland (9/30/2014). Photo by Lance Biechele. (MBP list)

Yellow Patches growing in Montgomery Co., Maryland (9/6/2018). Determined by Jo Solem/BugGuide. Photo by Anne Looker. (MBP list)

Spores collected from a Yellow Patches specimen in Howard Co., Maryland (8/17/2009). Eliptic, smooth; measured 7.2-8.5 X 4.0-4.7 microns. Photo by Robert Solem. (MBP list)

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