No Common Name Chara braunii C.C. Gmelin    
Kingdom Plantae   >   Division Charophyta   >   Class Charophyceae   >   Order Charales   >   Family Characeae   >   Genus Chara   


Macroscopic freshwater green alga.


Chara braunii has whorls of branchlets at nodes separated by single-celled, uncorticated (naked) internodes. There is usually a whorl of large bracts under the branchlets called stipulodes. Chara braunii is the only species of Chara in Maryland without corticating cells on the internode. Some species of Nitella may appear similar but the branchlets of Chara braunii do not furcate as they do in Nitella.

Where to find:

Chara braunii can be found in most freshwater habitats in Maryland throughout the growing season. It will grow in clear lakes and ponds as well as tannic swamps. It can also been found in rivers and streams.

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Chara braunii in Calvert Co., Maryland (5/15/2018). Photo by CHESPAX Biodiversity. (MBP list)

Chara braunii in Allegany Co., Maryland (7/24/2020). (c) johnbotany, some rights reserved (CC BY-NC). Photo by John Hall. (MBP list)

Chara braunii in Anne Arundel Co., Maryland (6/17/2018). Determined by Dr. John Hall. Photo by Bill Hubick. (MBP list)

Chara braunii in Garrett Co., Maryland (7/27/2019). (c) dansmall, some rights reserved (CC BY-NC). Photo by Dan Small. (MBP list)

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