No Common Name Philodina flaviceps    
Kingdom Animalia   >   Phylum Rotifera   >   Class Eurotatoria   >   Order Bdelloidea   >   Family Philodinidae   >   Genus Philodina   


"Bdelloid rotifers are a group of microscopic animals comprising 350 plus species. They are famous for 2 characteristics: they are all females and many species can survive extreme desiccation. In fact, they are the largest group of parthenogenetic animals; females produce only female offspring without fertilization by a male.

[Philodina flaviceps is] a cosmopolitan species of lakes and running waters for which there is no published record from Maryland. Actually, only a few records of bdelloids have been published from Maryland. Although bdelloids are surprisingly common animals, because they are notoriously difficult to identify, there are probably less than a dozen individuals worldwide who work on their taxonomy." (A. Orstan, pers. comm.).

Record added based on video from Aydin Orstan from July 2014 in Montgomery Co.

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