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Chlorencoelia torta
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Species ID 15571
Date 8/9/2015
County Howard
Record Counts
Total 7
County 6
Observer All-Time Checklist
Observer Robert Solem
Specimen No
Published No
Processed By Bill Hubick
Spores collected from a Chlorencoelia torta specimen in Howard Co., Maryland (8/9/2015). Cylindrical with 2 oil drops, smooth, hyaline; measured 9.6-10.9 X 3.9-4.1 microns.
Media by Robert Solem.
Paraphyses of a Chlorencoelia torta specimen collected in Howard Co., Maryland (8/9/2015). Measured 62-72 x 4.3-5.8 microns.
Media by Robert Solem.