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Clapper Rail
Rallus crepitans
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Species ID 1021
Date 10/6/2014
County Harford
Quad Edgewood (39076_D3)
Record Counts
Total 153
County 3
Quad 1
Observer All-Time Checklist
Observer Barry Marsh
Specimen No
Published No
Processed By Bill Hubick
A Clapper Rail found recently dead in the Edgewood area of Aberdeen Proving Ground in Harford Co., Maryland (10/6/2014). This is a very rare inland migrant and only the second record for Harford Co. It is reviewable under the MD/DCRC's "4B" category ("Species seen in locations other than over the ocean, coastal Worcester County, in major Chesapeake Bay tributaries, or along the Potomac River south of Prince George's County").
Media by Barry Marsh.