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Yellow-throated Warbler
Setophaga dominica
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Species ID 1271
Date 5/9/2009
County Charles
Quad Widewater (38077_D3)
Record Counts
Total 305
County 14
Quad 1
Observer All-Time Checklist
Observer Bill Hubick
iNaturalist Observation #177447522
Specimen No
Published No
Processed By Bill Hubick
A typical 'Yellow-lored' (dominica) Yellow-throated Warbler in Charles Co., Maryland (5/9/2009). This is the subspecies associated with Loblolly Pine stands in southern Maryland and on the Eastern Shore. Note the yellow lore, the yellow throat with no white chin, and the long bill. This bird was singing on territory in the Nanjemoy area of Charles Co., Maryland, where it is the expected breeding subspecies (5/9/2009).
Media by Bill Hubick.