Anne Arundel vs. Dorchester

For fun in 2015, Jim Brighton and I are going to see how Anne Arundel and Dorchester stack up against one another. Bill will try to catalog as many species as possible in Anne Arundel and Jim will tally as many species as possible in Dorchester. We'll compete individually but will also keep totals for everyone else's documented sightings. Starting the year, Anne Arundel had 3,504 species in the database, while Dorchester had 1,956. We both agree this has a lot to do with coverage and some key data sources we've acquired. How many new county records will we add?    Biodiversity Challenge 2013 results | 2014 results | 2015 (ongoing)

Bill in Anne Arundel (2015) - 685

Jim in Dorchester (2015) - 749

Anne Arundel - Everyone (2015) - 1,429

Dorchester - Everyone (2015) - 1,132

Anne Arundel - Everyone (All-time) - 5,777

Dorchester - Everyone (All-time) - 3,475